Yep, still killin time due to waking up way too early, so I've been trolling YeLPar's archives, especially the early posts from back in 05. I shall now inflict stuff from them upon YOU!
This is a series of old pics of Perth, one day I intend to go back to the same spots and snap a pic for a then and now comparrison. I've already done it with one of them, one day the rest.
click on most of these pics to get a larger version (pretty cool when large) - once clicked, click the all sizes button above the pic

I found this picture recently, it shows the changes to the Perth skyline between 1975 and 1988. Not a great deal, but some change.

Now, I had an old picture of a view west down St Georges Tce in Perth from either the late 1950's or early 1960's I'd say. The above picture inspired me to try and recapture this view as it is today. I managed to get fairly close to the same angle, but it wasn't easy. I think the original photographer was drunk, or his right leg was shorter than his left, that's a hell of a lean
Perth St Georges Tce

This pic is looking across from Cathedral Ave to the intersection of Barrack St & St Georges Tce. You can see Lord John Forrests statue behind the trees.

Isn't it criminal what they've done to all the old buildings on the Terrace, how good would it look now if they had preserved it instead of building those towers of glass and steel, curse the 70's and especially the 80's. Such a shame!
St Georges Tce

Perth's foreshore prior to the reclaiming of all that land to build the Narrows bridge, looks so different! Barrack Street Jetty is the one in the background, whilst the one in the foreground is the long gone William Street jetty. I took part in an archaeological excavation of that area 6 years ago. It was an attempt to find the remains of the William Street jetty, sadly we didn't find any of it.
Pre Bridge Foreshore
Construction of the Narrows Bridge, which opened on my birthday Nov 13th, although a fair few years before I was born (in 1959 - the bridge - not me). Picture taken from Kings Park.
Narrows Bridge Construction
The giant log in Kings Park. I remember climbing all over this as a kidlet! Sadly they removed it a few years back, started to rot. I think they wood chipped it and spread it over the park, sort of cremation style.
Kings Park Log
View of Frasers Ave through Kings Park ( Narrows Bridge now completed) I'm assuming this is taken from the top of Dumas House.
Kings Park

Perth Airport, wow, that actually looks cool, imagine if we'd kept it instead of the aluminium shed we have now. And haven't times changed, we no longer fly the British flag alongside our own here in Australia. Shackles be almost busted.