I wake up, look at the time, 915am, shit I overslept, I know it's a Sunday and that's fine but I have stuff to do and wanted to be up earlier. So I jumped up slid two slices of toast into the toaster, poured a juice, flopped on the couch, flicked on the TV to catch the news (hey I didn't say I had important stuff to do, just stuff) and it's only 8.28 am.......whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??
How did I manage to travel back in time between the kitchen and lounge room, is my toaster a time portal?
God bless daylight saving and god bless my inability to pay attention to when it ends.


tiff said…
That's not as bad as landing in Perth Airport and thinking the pilot did a good job saving us an hour in flight time! Duh.
Stu said…
hahahahha oh dear, that's almost blonder than mine and I'm the blonde one :)