I hate it because I can never sleep past 6am. After 2 weeks of waking up at 4.45 am my body clock is way out of whack. So here I am blogging for something to do at 6.45 am. I also hate that I have a wedding to go to tonight and it's gonna be fun and because my body clock is what it is I'll be sleepy by 10pm..........sheesh.
Storms over the airstrip yesterday afternoon had me thinking we may cop a bumpy ride home, but no, we busted through the cloud to some cool views. I even managed emergency exit row and all of it's leg room and nobody sitting next to me, awesome. I even felt a bit hungry, so for the first time in probably over a year I said yes when they offered me the meal. Oh god why did I do that (see pic), I ate the bread roll and the choccy bar, I think it was meant to be chicken, cashew and rice.....but who would know?
Spectacular clouds above the storms and we even had an almost full moon all the way home.

moonemergency exitmoon 1wingwing moon

This one's for Tiff, she'll feel my pain.

Airline food


tiff said…
i DEFINITELY feel your pain. At least the butter (or that creamy stuff they pass off as butter) has a nice cow picture on it.
Stu said…
Ha yeah and the cow pic is probably the only thing remotely dairy in the whole product
Anonymous said…
i hope you performed a exorcism over the meal before you ate it bro????