I have a new neighbour in the pad above mine, she be a girl as most shes' be. Drank a bottle of red with her last night after I drank a bottle of white with Gen at 2 Fat Indians earlier. So that's a bit of drinking for a Thursday night.


Her name is Kate, which is good because there was a Katherine up there before so that's easy. Kate has a bit of an artistic bent, does freelance photography and journalism, she likes Nick Cave, that's good, she has some great books on photography, I may borrow more of those. She's also decorating our stairs with pics.

wall art

wall art 1

wall art 2

I like it when I get nice neighbours, especially seeing as her lounge is above my bedroom. I like quiet time whilst I sleep, I just have to get that through the heads of the parrots that are slaughtering the berries in the trees out front, enough with the screeching when you eat, where are your manners. Enough with the purple poo all over my white car as well thanks very much.

stairs 3


Van Strapp said…
zomg, it's Kyle McLachlan in his role as Special Agent Dale Cooper!

I bought the journal that they published for the character, written to seem as though he'd written it since he was a kid. Pretty cool!
Stu said…
I started watching that show, I never saw all of it, Can't even remember why not
Brian said…
I like having nice neighbours too! Although I share a house with mine. Good times though! :)
Anonymous said…
guess you'll be having chocolate with her ,
or you could facebook her and see what her favorite posit... i mean chocolate is ;o) Reb .

And what's to become of Yuki ?
Stu said…
no no no, not with a neighbour, way too much complication there.

yuki is history, she never shared her chocolate, in fact I'm having trouble remembering what yuki ever looked like ;)