My buddy Mike (aka Van) in Melbourne has put a T shirt design up on Threadless T's, do the guy a huge favour and vote for his crappy design will ya ;) nah seriously it's pretty damn fine don't ya think? Give him your vote and he can earn some money and stop living in his car or at least buy some wheels for it so he can move it and then he wont have to keep waking up in the full sun.
Click the pic for the full design and to vote
There was a time when kids didn't have mobile phones. In those wondrous times, the most efficient form of communication between houses was—after rocks, paper planes, and shouting—the good ol' pair of cans and a length of string.
And in every neighbourhood was the girl who lived next door to the boy. The boy said "Helloooo!" and through the distortion of the string, it came out the other end as "I love you!"

Tin Cans Are For Lovers - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


Van Strapp said…
Arrr, thanks man! My last two designs didn't go too well, and for silly reasons that were largely oversights on my behalf during the design stage. I think this one is a winner though! Well, I hope. Haha.

Thanks also to anyone who takes the time to vote for my submission, I very much appreciate it!

<3 Van
Stu said…
well it's had 50 more votes* since I posted this at 599 votes total, so it's going well

*I'm sure they didn't all come from here ahahah