Not many single guys left in the crew now, Chris married Marissa yesterday. Good times, yes she looked beautiful, yes we had fun, yes I have a bit of a hangover.
Mum and Dad aka Perry and Annie were in their Bali home this month so they offered up their John St Cottesloe home to myself, Macca and Heidi, it's just around the corner of the Cottesloe Civic Center, so perfect for the big day. Trying to get cabs from there after weddings always ruins the evening, so great to just stagger a few yards home instead.
mum and dadsMacca and Heidi
Brothers Rimmer
Chris and his brother Neil trying not to look nervous as they wait for Marissa
Formalities over it was time to party 
 Dave doing his best secret service impression,
sun setting
there was also the bonus of a perfect sunset over the Indian Ocean.
weather cock
Waking up this morning was a bit of an effort, the view from Perry and Annie's house helped 
john st cafe
m and h john st cafe
benedict and bacon
breakfast at the John St Cafe is a brilliant hangover cure, eggs benedict with a side order of bacon and freshly squeezed OJ, god I love OJ.