Every year I attend an ANZAC day service, sure it's not always the dawn service but a service nonetheless. Not this year. Last night Gen and I hit Da Brunos restaurant as well as a fair portion of red wine. So the fear of sunlight hitting my flesh this morning forced me to stay in bed. No way could I have made it to a service, I'm sure the diggers would understand, they enjoyed a nice Shiraz themselves....often.
Da Brunos, one of my top 5 restaurants for Perth (sadly the top 5 is also the only 5 - Perth is a culinary backwater these days - apart from the below)
1. Jacksons
2. Balthazar
3. The Loose Box
4. Da Brunos
5. I'm struggling to remember number 5 (point made)
I had the handmade gnocchi with 3 cheeses and the crumbed veal cutlet stuffed with porcini mushrooms on truffle mash with fresh artichoke, beans and zucchini. Gen had the homenade ravioli filled with scallop and prawn in a sauce of saffron butter and scallops and the tiger prawns with stuffed Morton bay bug.
We shared a vanilla creme brulee to finish off. All washed down with a fantastic 2002 Cascabel Fleurieu Shiraz. I only have 5 bottles of this left so it only appears at special occasions, Gens birthday being one of those naturally, damn it's a good wine
Then onto the Must Wine Bar for a bottle of something or other which I knew the name of when we opened it but not so much now ha! It was forgotten somewhere between the first sip and trundling home around 1am.
So apologies to the diggers, you are not forgotten by any means, I will make amends next time round, promise.



Anonymous said…
Perth a culinary backwater - Why is that ? When I travelled Europe in the early -coff- 90's , I worked ( well they called it work , I called it " the lift tickets and 500 francs a week for washin dishes " scam )in the Swiss alps , theere were a heap of chefs from Perth .
Guess they never went back or fondue never caught on :wink: -Reb .
Stu said…
hehehe fondue never left, that's the problem, nah some come back most meet a swiss girl and stay there, who wouldn't? There's a few more than that list but mostly it's generic Italian cafes, weal marsala, veal scallopini, spaghetti marinara etc etc, heaps of interesting Asian though, that's good.