I could just end this post right there, but I wont.
It's 10pm on a Saturday night and I'm home from the gig, basically because she played during nanna hours. Judging by the thousands of baby boomers surrounding me tonight I can see why, they need to be tucked up in bed by now.
But that seriously just blew me away. I remember back in the 90's living in a share house and I 'discovered' KD one late night on Rage. I hit record on the VCR and then forced anyone who ever came over for the next few months to watch her sing Constant Craving.
I hoped she was going to be just as awesome tonight and she so very very was.

KD Lang Crowd

What an awesome venue the Botanical Gardens at Kings Park are, although hell cold this time of year, I had 2 layers on under a leather jacket, a scarf and a beanie and still felt pretty chilled. Some great sashimi/sushi from Tanpopo, two bottles of Shiraz between Nells and I sorted out the cold though..


KD opened with new tracks from her Watershed disc - gonna have to buy that now - then slipped into some old school Ingenue and even some very old school country.
Her voice if anything has improved over the years. I'm feeling a top 10 gigs of all time rating coming on here. It really was very very very brill.
Highlights = def the watershed songs, Constant Craving naturally and a most brilliant version of Mr Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Video of provided below.
A few pics of KD at the show over on this guys flickr account
Good times

Mandatory blurry concert pic by me, KD doesn't escape my crappy photography skillz, why should she?

KD Lang

I had to stop and snap this view of Perth from Kings Park, it's a view you can't not stop and take in every time.


Perth in Sepia