So I slide into bed at 11.30 last night, I'm almost asleep when BAM, new neighbour girl upstairs comes home with about 6 people, music goes on party commences.

You have to be shitting me? It's a Tuesday night and it's midnight. I have a huge day tomorrow (today) I need my sleep. What to do? Go upstairs with bed hair and be an arsehole? Hang on I'm not the one waking the street up at midnight, so I'm not the arsehole. Moments like these need deep breaths and composure.

A text message, yeah that'll do it.

Me : "Kate are you serious, it's midnight?"

Kate: "Sorry Stu, this is my best friends from Amsterdam. They are going tomorrow..I promise this is a once off. We will be done by 2pm"

2pm? Oh you're drunk, I see. Oh okay well that's fine then, if they're from Amsterdam who am I to expect 7 hours sleep, so rude of me.

Ahh well spare room it is, damn I wish I hadn't been so dumb struck by the new IKEA store last week and I had actually bought the new mattress I went there for (christ that store is huge now), so lumpy crappy old mattress it was. Cranky then....cranky now much?

New neighbour girl is hiding from me today. So she should.