Here she is, my new love, my new baby. She's so beautiful, I never thought I'd ever have these feelings again, but I am. I will be joining her in 8 sleeps time, I can barely wait. Look at her, how sleek she is, how blue she is.
Karks and marco have sourced this hot model for me over in Italy, when I get there next Thursday I'll have 2 days to ride her before I have her shipped home................whaaaaaaaaaat? No you sickos it's a Vespa.

Vespa 150cc_1-2

Vespa 150cc_2

Vespa 150cc_3-2

karks bought the white one below, it's a 125cc

I haven't seen marcos yet, I think he's getting a 200cc

mines a 150cc

Vespa 125cc 1

Vespa 125cc 2


Anonymous said…
congrats bro!