So it's 4.18 pm here in London, that makes it 11.18pm back home in Perth. Thus I have been in transit for 31 hours and I'm still 6 hours away from Milan. It was meant to be a 23 hour trip.

What the hell went wrong I hear you ask.........well, sit back, grab a drink and hear my tale.

First up, just as I'm about to leave home for the airport I get an sms saying my flight from Singapore to Heathrow will be delayed by 5 hours. This means I'll miss my connecting flight from Heathrow to Milan, so I quickly ring QANTAS and book a later flight. I am so in control of this travelling thing..........HA!

We leave on time and cruise into Singas, met a cool Swedish dude on the flight, turns out he's a chef, yes yes :insert muppet joke here: A good flight all up.

Once we arrive in Singas we are informed that no the flight wont be 4 hours late it will be 8, in fact it hasn't even left Melbourne yet. Oh great, at least they put us up in a nice hotel for the wait. I managed to grab 4 slightly interrupted hours of sleep.

Damn this British keyboard is strange, they have some keys in odd places....

Okay back to the story.............I mean why the hell is the @ key next to the enter key???oh I see they have a £ and a $ symbol....I digress

So we get picked up at 4am and are taken back to the airport only to wait a further hour and a half. We finally get on our way.

It's all good I think, just another adventure. Then as we approach Heathrow we are told that they are operating on 1 runway and we have to go into a 35 minute holding pattern. Sheesh what else could go wrong? Just wait and see!

We finally land and we putter along to our gate only to find another 747 is still parked there and we have to wait until they get all on board and move off. This takes I guess another 20 minutes. Then when we finally get to the gate everyone wants off understandably but we are met with a PA announcement saying that everyone needs to return to their seats as some ground staff need to enter and make their way through the craft........WTF??

Turns out it's two English Bobbies/Cops and they walk through to the rear and come back with some Aussie guy in cuffs, who knows what went down there, 747's are big planes I had no idea there had been some ruckus of sorts down the back.

So finally we're off the plane, then we get shunted onto a bus and are informed that we need to get to terminal 5 for our connecting flights, I have 2 hours till mine leaves, plenty of time.......you'd think. The bus takes 18 minutes to get to Terminal 5 from Terminal 1, I know this because the recorded voice on the bus tells me it will take that long.

Then I'm met with a huge line of people waiting for boarding cards, I actually moved 2 metres in 1 hour, incredible. so with less than an hour till my flight leaves I tell someone that I have a problem, they go and check and come back to tell me the flights closed............I've fucking well missed it.....................sooooooooooo here I am in the BA lounge writing this blog, 3 hours to go and I finally get to leave for Milan, 37 hours all up. I just so badly want a shower and a bed, 4 hours sleep and the odd 15 minute nap over 48 hours makes for a slightly disgruntled Stu

Good times.

might not make many more posts, depends on connections in Italy

Ciao Ciao


tiff said…
Yikes! Sound like a nightmare but thoroughly entertaining to read :) On the bright side, at least you are stuck in an english speaking country. Imagine otherwise. Safe travels!
Maja said…
Heathrow is a horrible horrible airport. You've certainly been unlucky with the flights. Hope everything smooths out in Italy. Have fun!