A pretty cool weekend all up, Fridays dinner party was great fun and last night another at Nells house was equally great. I was introduced to a girl there, kind of blind date style. Not sure though, no instant spark but there is something about her. Just got the phone call from Nells trying to get my thoughts on her. I didn't answer, hehehe I need some more time to think about it...........hey I'm a procrastinator.
More on that later I guess.
Only downer for the weekend is that my desktop puter wont start up, PSU is stuffed methinks, should be easy to fix. So I'm lap topping it for now. Gonna buy myself a hard drive and back everything up on it though once I've fix it, scary if I lost all my pics and things, should have done it earlier really. Fingers crossed.
How cute is this car? Described to me ages ago as a washing machine on wheels. This one was driven by a cool couple in their 70's. I like it, I saw it 3 times on Saturday so it was a sign that I should pic it and blog it methinks.

citreon 2CV

A citreon 2CV


Van Strapp said…
I'll always remember this car as the one in that Charlie Brown animated movie, all them years ago. Haha.
Stu said…
oh yeah HA! forgot about that :)
brianmc said…
A friend of mine drives one of those. She fell asleep at the wheel once when I was a passenger.

Occasionally I still think about how little chance anyone would have if they crashed in a 2CV.
Stu said…
I've always felt that with carslike this, if you die in them, they don't need to extract you, you're already in your coffin..........just a thought ;)