Italian Style - Naples
Naples wasn't an overly pleasant experience, it's a fairly shitty city. A lot of character but just not all that appealing. Our hotel was in teh university quarter so I was sure I'd get some good street art, but it was mostly protest slogans and bad graffiti. These are the best I found.

Street Art in Naples 2

Street Art in Naples


Mitch said…
Naples is having a bit of a rubbish crisis or something?? Good to see your having some fun on the vespas!

Some great pics mate!
Stu said…
they sure are, no proper rubbish collection since christmas, mostly in the burbs though, the city was free of garbage on a larger scale but still very dirty, all reports suggest it's always like that thoough.

Yep really looking forward to the Vespas arriving in Oz, 2 weeks to go.