Last night was a lets show Gen all our pictures from Italy dinner party night. Karks and Marco brought their new dog over, illy bean, named after an Italian coffee brand..yep caffeine freaks!
Cute dog, even if she did pee on my floor twice........Karks I believe you owe me a mop.
First course - by me, antipasto with sardines cooked in lemon, octopus marinated in balsamic vinegar, pepperonata, prosciutto and melon, tomato with bocconcini and basil and grilled chilli prawns..


Second course (no pics as we're too drunk by this point) - by Karks, yabbi risotto.
Third course - by Gen, baked berry tart with double cream
Washed down with some good Italian wine that I brought back with me and some good and okay local stuff.

I'm really getting the hang of this self timer thing on my camera, don't you think?


Gorgeous Gen contemplates her next few words in the great drunken debate which started at around 11pm , something about engagement rings and who should buy them, the guy or the girl. Too involved for me after that much wine.

Gen Gen

How cute is Marco and Karks new puppy - Illy Bean

illy bean

So a song by Trespassers William came on at some stage in the evening and Marco goes "isn't this that chick from the 80's in that band I can't remember the name of?"

Me: "Do you mean This Mortal Coil and Song to the Siren?"

Marco: "Nup"

hahahaha anyhoo this is that song, it's one of my all time favs

and this is the original version by Tim Buckley