Did I mention I had bought a Vespa? Oh I did? Okay then ;)
A few days into the trip we were invited to a Vespa Club Meet in Biella by Claudio. Claudio was the guy who organised the sale of the Vespas we bought. He has a Vespa repair shop in Biella and he's a bit of a crazy dude, crazy in a good way though.

Claudio at Vespa Store in Biella

He belongs to the Biella Vespa Club and they take these things fairly seriously over there but they also have a bit of a whacky attitude to it all. Their last meet attracted 400 vespas, so we were really looking forward to seeing that many all together. Sadly it rained all morning of the meet day and we arrived to find only 4 Vespas had shown up. Well I guess they aren't exactly all weather vehicles now are they
Below is one of the more decorative helmets Claudio has worn to club meets. He tried to sell it to me when I said I had to buy a helmet for my Vespa.

Claudio from Vespa Shop in Biella

This one had a garden theme to it :)

Vespa club meet - Biella Italy

Vespa club meet - Biella Italy 2

Vespa club meet - Biella Italy 1

And here are our babies awaiting shipping to Oz

Vespas 1