My weekend walk into the city to buy a diary had mixed results, firstly I couldn't find the financial year one that I always buy so I had to settle for a calendar year instead. You have no idea of the impact this has had on my life. Swapping from fin to cal is a major life changing event. I'm not sure how well I'm going to cope with this, it kills me every time I look at the first six months of my new diary and the pages are .........empty...........never to be used. I hate transition ;)
The rain started coming down as I was heading home so I decided to change route and duck back through the west side of Northbridge. This brought me straight past the Entertainment Centre. Now totally abandoned, it's kind of sad seeing it like this. I've got a heap of great memories from there. Some brilliant concerts, taking dates to the movie cinema and the comedy store that used to operate out of the side bar.

Perth Entertainment Centre

U2 (twice) was the best gig, 6 of us camped out front overnight to get the best tickets possible to another gig later in the year (I forget who), I drew the short straw to go up to Fast Eddies and bring back food for everyone only to return to be told that Bono and The Edge had popped outside from rehearsals to say hello. Not happy, at least we were back there in a day or so to see them play. INXS, The Eurythmics, The Church, The Stranglers (hang on that was the worst gig I've ever been to), the list goes on. .

Perth Entertainment Centre 2

So now it's covered in barbed wire and soon it'll be no more, the new Perth Arena is being built in the car park, I'm assuming this will be knocked down, argghhh you know you're getting old when they start knocking down the venues you used to party at. Where's my zimmer frame?

Perth Entertainment Centre 1

Does anyone remember the name of the cinemas there,

I have Lumiere in my head but that's not right is it?


Ranx said…
Saw my first concert there, Alice Cooper-Welcome to my nightmare!

I'm pretty sure that "Lumiere" is right
Stu said…
hahaha was that around the time the press were going nuts cos he was "supposedly" ripping the heads off of chickens on stage :)

Yeah La Lumiere" is what I'm thinking, doesn't fit in with the missing letters on the wall, but they may have renamed em before it finally shut down
Ranx said…
Aaaaahhh, didn't notice them.

Academy. Originally the Lumiere though.
Stu said…
yep I think you've nailed it, Academy when it closed. Lumiere originally