Even after 6 years of working up here I'm still amazed at some of the things I see. Like this sunset yesterday, which I have massively failed to capture adequately here in this pic. I should bring my good camera up here, not to mention a tripod, using a 4wd to balance your camera has issues. But I'm a bit worried about how it will cope with all the iron dust around here, it's okay for me to breath it in but I can't expose my camera to it - ha!



brianmc said…
You should be able to get a mini-tripod on eBay for $10. Really handy, and very compact.

Would've made this shot awesome! :mrgreen:
Stu said…
oh I know :|

money isn't the issue, it's me getting my self organised enough to do all the things and buy all the things that I really keep planning to do HA!