Before we can go onto a mine site to do that archaeology thing that we do we have to sit through a pile of mind numbingly boring inductions. This fire extinguisher goes with this, that tag goes with that, all dull stuff. Except that is for this video they always play showing what a dump truck can do to a vehicle. I have to drive around and near these huge beasts daily and this really brings home how simple it would be to be turned into a speed hump. A truck that size hardly notices something as small as the car I drive up here when it rolls over it.

This vid of a dust devil puts my version to shame, it was taken on our mine site as well, warning cos there's a little bit of blue in the commentary

And finally a couple of drive by vids I made the other day, nothing too exciting but I'm posting them here as a keepsake, hey, it's my blog, it's what it's for
Day mining

Night mining - a bit eerie, maybe even a bit sci fi