So I'm just standing there in the bush recording some artefacts when someone yells out "Hey look at that". I look up and there about 15m away stands an emu. It's just staring at us.


Then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. The Emu goes crazy, it starts jumping up and down, thrusting its chest out, karate kicking the air, I mean, its leg gets right up behind its ear, spinning on one leg like a ballerina, then drops its head down to its knees and runs off to about 10 m away, spins in a circle and starts the whole routine over again.
It was like it had dropped a tab of acid and all of a sudden it had lizards crawling over its skin, I swear it was screaming "get em off me! get em off me!"
Suddenly it runs a further 20 m away and does the whole ballistic routine all over again, finally it was a rapid dash off into the bush and gone. We all stood there stunned, then we laughed, then we looked at each other, laughed some more and tried to make some sense of it all. Then we realised that nobody had grabbed a pic, we were all just too busy staring at this crazed beast that no one thought to.
Shortly after that we broke for lunch and then started back walking through the bush again when, yep, the crazy bird was back in front of us. Oh this is too good, will it do it all again? because this time we had a camera ready. Sadly no, but in a kind of weird slightly unnerving way the emu just simply walked slowly across the front of our line with one eye on us the whole time before it finally disappeared into the bush.

Emu 2

Man that was strange


Maja said…
He's probably got a nest somewhere nearby and he's protecting his area.
Stu said…
yeah pretty much, we were keeping an eye out for it but never found it