FU Restaurant

As usual I'm away for a friends birthday, this time Waz's, so we hooked up tonight along with Gaz and Steph(v)en - covering all bases there - and ducked down to FU Restaurant in William St. It's right next door to Icey Ice, not sure if that helps at all, probably not. It's an Asian Fusion Restaurant with some traditional, or Heritage as they call them, dishes thrown in for good measure.


We went for entrees and mains and probably should have just had mains as the entrees where huge. Lets see, we tried the Thai fish cakes (a tad disappointing as they were pretty rubbery), the soft shell crab, very very good, rice paper rolls (funky presentation) and chicken satay (very nice), fairly traditional dishes and nothing really fusion about them but they, for the most part, had that little bit extra going for them.

It was the main courses that shone though. Sadly we all felt like eating duck tonight so there wasn't a lot of variety on our table, 3 x Crispy Szechuan Duck with Prawns in wasabi aoili and 1 x Red Emperor fillet in a coconut cream sauce (I think that's what it was), all of which were absolutely fantastic, especially the duck. Wow!

All washed down with a lovely Sauvignon Blanc from .....? (fill in the gaps Waz) and a 2004 Galli Estate Pinot Noir from Victoria which was pretty damn fine.

If you want to eat a little Asian fusion and not pay a fortune and do it in some funky surrounds then check this place out. I'll definately be spreading the love, oh and mains are all between $18 and $22 (I think, don't quote me, yes I suck at restaurant reviewing)

There's a heap of pics from a degustation dinner held there a while back in this flickr set, I hope they don't mind me borrowing one of their pics.


Waz said…
the Sav Blanc was a Howard Park SB 2007. The duck was $28 I think Stu but was one of the more pricier mains (but well worth it!) those prawns were huge and that duck, well I wanted to take it home and marry it I did let me tell you

Thanks for night out Stu - see you when you return from the north
Stu said…
Hahaha well you'd obvioulsy need the ducks parents consent, pretty sure it was younger than 16 ;)

Have a great b'day week, sounds like it's gonna be huuuuuuge
Stu said…
For Gaz


I did try to leave a comment – not sure that it worked.

Whilst the food was good, I wasn’t too happy with the way the gluten-free thing was handled. I paid full price for the duck dish, when all I got was a piece of duck on rice – the prawns and pancakes were simply removed from the plate without any thought having gone into a replacement. I expect a bit better than this (and usually get it from most restaurants). If they’d been flat strap I would have said it was OK, but really, not a great outcome from my perspective, particularly at the price we were paying for a meal.


Stu said…
yeah thinking back that's true Gaz. They should have offered you the prawns unbattered instead, I think you threw them a bit. They'll need to get their act together on stuff like that as it's going to crop up quite a bit these days