Driving home from the office along South St the other day, pulled up at a set of lights, glanced to the right and wallah! On display was some fine evidence of just how classy Perth can get. Ha!
I think that's a pack of Winnie Blues, hard to tell from the angle, let's hope so. At least the wine is the more sophisticated 2 litre cask and not say the Coolabah 4 litre version. I wonder where the bladders are? No doubt being used as pillows somewhere.
Whoever you are, thank's for sharing this wonderful collage of a moment in your life.



Anonymous said…
Did you check to see if the container was actually empty or there were still some fags in the packet? You could have been on a winner there.
Mum xoxo
Stu said…
would have prefered the crappy wine myself :)