I've landed back home to chill factor huge. So nice up north at the mo, this is a bit of a shock. Still, it's good to be back cos my new car has been sitting at the airport for 2 weeks waiting for me to come home. I picked it up a few weeks ago on a Tuesday night, then drove to the airport on Wednesday and that was it, that was our brief bonding session, a drive to the airport carpark.
So I've finally taken the plunge, or mostly got off my lazy butt, and bought a new car. My old car was slowly dying a humiliating death. Bits were falling off her, bits were being stolen off her and she didn't deserve that.
So here it is in all of it's turbo diesel black paint job dark tinted glory.





Tiff said…
Ooooh ... scary and imposing. Nice car :)
Stu said…
yeah, it's the front end/grill. It's kind of intimidating but a bit of fun as well :)
Anonymous said…
I agree it's the front grill that makes you stand up and notice. Looks very regal and important.
Nice car Stu