I think I may have accrued a new addiction. Internet shopping. Yep. It all started when I realised that when it comes to shopping, Perth really really sucks. You can't get great music unless it's top 40 crapola, sure there's a few Indy stores out there but they don't have everything and god help you if you want to say grab a modest mouse CD from the back discography. Unless it was released within the last month it's off the shelves.

Clothes. Whoa don't get me started on clothes, if you're 18 - 25 demographic then there's a heap of stuff you can buy, but say you want the latest Ben Sherman or a cool T shirt, well it's gonna be tough, sure they have some stuff here but the range is extremely limited and you're bound to see at least 4 other people wearing it in the next few weeks (yeah that DOES matter). Don't believe me, then next time you cruise through your fav threads store have a look at a range then google that same range and spot the difference. Yep it's massive.

Looking for a book? Well unless Angus and Robertson or the like have a deal with the authors publisher, then you probably wont find it on their shelves, small run stuff? You need the internet

Want to buy your friend a cool present for their birthday, hahahahahahaha where do you look in Perth? Limited, I say again LIMITED.

So online shopping for the win. So much is available, so many catalogue sites, so much stuff you would normally only have if you brought it home from an overseas holiday. Online shopping rules.

But this is where I'm starting to worry about my addiction. I just realised that I usually have at least one thing arrive at my place when I get back from my regular up north 2 week working stint. I just bought 2 T shirts from the USA and they should get here when I get back from my next swing away. Some stuff arrived just today from the Netherlands, a prezzie for a mate. Books and Cd's are coming in regularly, hmmm I just remembered there's 2 Cd's due before I head back, they better hurry up, only a few days left.

Is it an addiction or is it just that I shop like everyone else, is it just that I choose not to waste my time in the local stores. Yeah that's it, I'm fine, I don't have anything to worry about........I'm fine, I'm sure I am.


Anonymous said…
"'re bound to see at least 4 other people wearing it in the next few weeks (yeah that DOES matter). "

vanity, thy name is Stu......
Stu said…
haha but it DOES