I have so wanted for years now to buy this building, Brisbane St, Northbridge. It could easily be renovated into probably the coolest house in Perth. Two open plan floors which are screaming out for my intervention, ha! Shag pile conversation pit, huge stainless steel kitchen, two ovens purely for symmetry of course, Imagine the party venue this would provide.

It seems to be owned by quite an old man, we often see him at night standing by a long bench on the ground floor doing, well we're not really sure what he's doing. We've seen him there as late as 10pm, he always looks like he's folding newspapers and there are piles of these which look like they're in presses of some sort, the type botanists use to press plant specimens.

Our other theory is that he is in fact a ghost, that's why we see him in exactly the same place, by the bench, one light on above him, doing the same thing every time.

building small


tiff said…
Hmm right now it doesn't look like a dream home potential, but a rather scary house! :p
Stu said…
True, but its open plan, two stories, an awesome shape and sooo much potential, I sound like a real estate dude ha!

my architect buddy and I have already pretty much sorted it out, we just have to get the ghost to sell up ;)
Stella said…
OMG I SO know this place!! I love it! Once I was taking photos of it at night, up close and looking through the windows, not because I'm sort of peeping Tom but I know there's just newspapers, etc inside. Anyway, the old man scared me shitless when he popped up from inside.
My girl friend and I screamed and ran. GOod times.
Stu said…
hahahhaha so he is real