Passed this a few days ago on Barrack St, Northbridge. The date on the top always made me wonder because I'm pretty sure Australia wasn't colonised pre 1690. But that's not what it's about. It seems that in 1690 the army of William of Orange defeated the army of King James II, who fled to France. The victory helped restore Protestant succession to the British throne. So we have our own piece of Protestant (Orange Men) memorabilia right here in Perth.

protestant hall

More importantly though is the fact that this hall used to be a kick arse live music venue. I can't for the life of me remember what name it went under. It was pretty rough though, skinheads would watch shows there, mods, punks, anyone really. The bar was just a few lengths of timber laid across two 44 gallon drums. I remember my old buddy Brian's ex wife Sharon worked the bar, so we got free drinks sometimes. She had the best white mohawk. Ha! For various reasons I can only remember seeing The Painters and Dockers play there but there was heaps of other bands.

protestant hall 1690

They also had a cafe in the front, it was a rockabilly theme and that's all I can remember. I think it's an architects office now. If only they knew the stuff that went on in that building years before.

I also passed this old printers just off Wiliam st and noticed that Wellman street seems to continue on through their garage, should make for some interesting moments parking their car in there