Not many people will agree with me but I have to shout "how good is this rain?"
It's probably because I spend half of my life up in the dry hot north west that I love this so much. That said it wasn't exactly the most awesome experience sitting on an outside table at Lincolns cafe this morning trying to eat breakfast.


A good breakfast though, scrambled eggs, for me how a place cooks them is the benchmark. Pretty cool having my brother Justin over for the wekeend as well, not sure he embraced the wet and cold weather as much as I did though ha!




Anonymous said…
Didn't you cook him any brekkie,poor little brother had to shiver in the cold. Good to see you catch up again but did he put that phone down at all or is it a permenant fixture now.
Stu said…
he wasn't born with that phone attached?? wow I guess I'm just that used to it now :)