So I've finally managed to drag myself back to work. God it's boring being sick. It feels good to be back up here, even if it's starting to warm up, no more beanies and thick jackets in the morning, winter slips pretty quickly into summer up here. Spring? Only noticeable due to all the flowers about, other than that it's summer all the way.

American Psycho

So I'm standing at the airport yesterday waiting to board, browsing through some books, nothing much grabbed my attention until I saw this. A small shelf on a spinning rack full of Brett Easton Ellis novels. I thought back to how much I loved Less Than Zero - and how bad the movie version was - then I noticed American Psycho, now there was a book. And yet still today you can only buy it sealed in plastic.......was it that shocking a story? I guess so.


WookieGTB said…
looks like the same edition I had. Strange how mine has gone missing :-(