I am so over being sick, sick of being sick in fact, doctors are crap, yet tomorrow I'm off to see another one. Desperate to feel normal again. So boring being sick, I'm stuck at home and my crew is up in the bush, rudderless. Well not really, my twoic will do a fine job I'm sure. But what do I do in the mean time. Do nothing everyone says, just rest up.

I find it really really easy to do nothing when I feel like it, but enforced nothingness is not my bag. I could go and paint, but I just paint dark crap when I'm down, exposing the evil emo side of my personality nooooooo never again.

But I really don't have that much energy being as I'm sick and all, did I mention that? Sigh, I just need to harden up

Seeing as this is a whine section can I just add, what's the deal with thin sliced bread? Why do they bother, the toast bread always sells out faster on the shelves than the sandwich and never I say again, NEVER have I been in a bakery and someones bought a loaf of bread and when asked if they want it sliced have they replied "yes please and make sure it's nice and thin". NEVER!! so lets just cut the bullshit and admit that everyone wants thick sliced bread. You know it.

Ahhh an apt moment to post this pic, snapped on the mean streets of highgate recently.

song of woe


WookieGTB said…
Dude I feel ya. I've been crook for the past month, struggling through work. Three doctors later and they think I may have glandular fever. Just great when I'm heading over to Cambodia in a few weeks :-(
Stu said…
ahhh man that sucks, I've just spent the morning in numerous doctor surgeries and more to come

I hate being sick, hope you improve in time for Cambodia, always wanted to go there and to Vietnam.