"I need to learn some cooking tips"

"What for?"

"So I can get a job on a private yacht in the Gulf of Mexico and earn lots of money and lead a glamorous life"

"Sounds good to me, be at my place by 6"

This was fun, I haven't shown anyone how to cook for years, It felt very Jamie Oliver. Happy to see I still have some skills, I guess they never really leave you. I should cook more, not so easy when you're single, well I cook but not amazing stuff and I really don't utilise my kitchen anywhere near as much as I should. Not like the mushroom and asparagus risotto topped with grilled organic chicken and french goats cheese that we rustled up last night. Stupidly forgot to snap a pic before it was all gone.

Trust me when I say it was nice.

Have fun with the Americanos Chani.




Anonymous said…
You want to cook more,boy are you in luck this Christmas. Have got the ideal kitchen for you as well, both indoor and outdoor.Can't wait.
Stu said…
well the important bit I left out was that I wanted to cook more with cute girls by my side, got any of those we can invite over for xmas lunch?
Anonymous said…
Be good and Santa will fulfill your every wish. That's the best I can promise you.