I'm not meant to be home this week, I'm meant to be away on a survey. But things change. Upshot is nights at home and no plans, so I've been watching a pile of documentaries. Yeah you're envious of my action packed lifestyle I know. But documentaries are my secret shame, I love em.

Last night I watched one on Jonestown. It's an event I remember happening clearly and vividly. I was a little kid when it happened and I saw the aftermath unravel on TV. How could so many people - over 900 - just kill themselves like that? It really confused me, it doesn't anymore, growing older cleared that up. Since I saw the doco I've been thinking and reading about it a lot. Trying to answer a few unanswered questions.

The image that sticks with me today and the one that really shocked me back then was this one


Whenever I think about this shitty event, which isn't all that often - I'm not that grim, - but when I do I see that image. A few survived, not many but a few did, some at the airport where the US congressman was shot, some managed to got out early enough and others hid at the encampment on the day.

Associated Press Journalist Tim Reiterman survived the shootings at the airstrip.

Yulanda Williams got out

I doubt this guy did

Okay, shitty history lesson over, I'm off to watch a doco on hippies
now laugh at this and cheer up.



tiff said…
I saw this too. Fascinating doco but incredibly sad.