Well my birthday is rapidly approaching. I had grand plans of a dinner party in the cellar of an old building in Fremantle which also has its own cinema. Frederico Fellini movies playing in the background, lots of wine and good food. Well that was the plan, then my life got in the way. I'm now going to be over 100okm's away excavating a cave, no doubt I will find a new species in the evolutionary chain. That's something worth giving up your birthday for yeah? However I will most likely just uncover piles of kangaroo droppings and bits of wood.

So the upshot is that instead of a big party I'm having a few small ones. The first of which happened up at the mine site last week, my crew of archaeologists threw me a "suprise" BBQ complete with an awesome chocolate eclair cake.

The Festival of Stu part 2 commences tonight, more on that later. My record for festival of Stu events is 3 parties, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna break that record this year. This is not a bad thing.............for me hehe.


eclair cake

festival of stu1

festival of stu2


Stella said…
Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your festival Stu. Hope you get spoilt rotten.
Stu said…
haha thanks Stella, 4 days to go till the actual day but I'm making sure the spoiling gets stretched out for as long as poss :)
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your festival and here's hoping it will last a little while yet. What have you planned for mine? Big stuff I hope or is your festival rolling into mine. I am soooooooo ready for a big shin dig
Stu said…
hahah sorry mum, by the time yours comes round I'll be back up there :(

I have 3 days off between the dig and heading back up. Shitty timing.

I'll make sure you party up at xmas though

hahah - mums
Stu said…
yep :)