"I'd be very suprised if it was."

Just in from part two of the festival. First up we took in a Perth Glory v Newcastle Jets football game, 2-2 final score, not a bad game really. Bit of a laugh.

perth glory

perth glory 1


guysgrooming.com.au ??? hahaha I know a few people who should visit that site

guys grooming

Surprisingly sober, well not completely, still buzzing a bit. Although considering the shockingly awful XXXX Gold beer we had to drink at the game it really isn't a suprise that I'm sober.

After the game we met up with a few others at Cantina633 in Beaufort St, Mt Lawley. Newish place, lots of buzz around about how good it is and it didn't disappoint.


Macca, Heidi, Waz, Gaz, Chris and Caz rocked up to check the place out with me. We all shared a selection of entrees, the chorizo sausage was the highlight, the octopus not so great. I had the home made gnocchi with braised lamb and roasted beetroot. It was as awesome as it sounds. We downed quite a few bottles of Pinot Gris and then managed to shove some pretty fab desserts into us, washed down with a lovely Pedro Ximinez. Very cool of the waiter to slide me a second glass on the house for my birthday. See it does pay to announce it loudly in a restaurant hehe.


lemon tart

waz n gaz

Roll on part 3


Ranx said…
Happy Birthday Stu!

It's gratifying to see I'm not the only one vain enough to designate my birthday "Festival Of" and drag it out for as long as possible :-)
Stu said…
hahaha ya gotta get the best out of these moments :)