As you do up here you celebrate your birthday with a BBQ, It's a far better option than eating the slop in the mess. This was BBQ number two up here for my birthday, second crew you see. Can't say I actually ate one of those fatty steaks but the sausages where goodish enough.
heaps good
Another action shot from the cave excavation, wow this is gonna excite you so much to read this. That's a huge piece of charcoal we found in the pit. See told you it was exciting hehehe. Seriously though, it's a good thing because we can get dates from charcoal and that's what it's really all about. Excavation is coming to an end though, 2 days left, it's been a heap of fun and a very different way to spend a birthday. A birthday that isn't over yet by any means as I'll be stretching this baby out to at least part 4, maybe even part 5 but that may be pushing it.