Keannu: "huh?"

Just got back from watching this new version of what is a classic Saturday arvo Sci Fi movie. I give it 2/5

The original is corny and dated but I would rather have spent the last few hours watching that than this weak re do. Keanu is perfectly cast as a wooden deadpan alien, oh hang on that's what Keanu is best at so no surprise there really. 

It wasn't unwatchable but there simply wasn't a story, well not one that went anywhere, it just kind of um ended. The original sees the human race facing extinction by the aliens because they keep fighting wars that will destroy the planet (original was released  in 1951 during the cold war) this version replaces the war with the environmental destruction of the planet humans are currently causing.

An admirable cause yet I kind of think the film would have been a whole lot better if at the end Keanu had simply turned to the audience, pointed and said.... 

"Now remember, recycle your plastics"