(warning: mega pic posts ahead)

A pre Christmas dinner party at mine last night. Surprisingly I feel really seedy, surprising because I didn't really drink all that much. Odd.

Spent the afternoon creating some delectable delights.


orange glaze



choc mousse

Set the table


Then cook

Sauteed scallops salad with a chilli, ginger and orange glaze


Crispy chicken with fennel, cummin and cinnamon served with cous cous, preserved lemon and a vodka reduction.

:insert pic here: well I would if I had remembered to take one.

Chocolate and marshmallow mousse with fresh fruit

mousse and fruit

We went for a secret santa theme with a $10 limit. Natch I failed to keep to that but what ya gonna do.

Some cool stuff too

Penguin bowling - oh yeah it's the game that every kiddie is gonna want this christmas.

penguin bowling

penguin bowling 2

The beer ring, you'll never be stuck without an open beer if Waz and I are in the room, no sir

beer rings

Splat Stan, quite posibly the best drink coaster ever invented.

Splat Stan

and finally but far from least, the magic tree. "See it grow in front of your eyes" well wait 5 hours and it will.





and this morning it's in full glorious bloom


This post is huge, so part 2 coming up



Maja said…
That's a lovely dining table you've got there. The food looks delicious.

Hey that reminds me, I used your recipe for the thai salad dressing, with the soy, olive oil, lime juice, garlic, ginger and a red chilli and it was freaking divine. I didn't do the duck bit, just had salad leaves with asparagus, sugar snap peas (which were slightly fried in a pan with a bit of olive oil and lime juice) and red onion, but that dressing was so moreish we got some bread to mop it up with when we ran out of salad. So thanks for the recipe!
Stu said…
yeah I scored that table at an auction years ago, cost me $300. I ripped them off let me tell you. Saw one a week later for over $1000. I loves it.

Glad you liked the duck dressing, grilled asparagus ey? I'll have to give that a go