So I'm cleaning out my wallet today, collecting refundable receipts for work, counting my coins and cutting up old credit cards when one of my business cards falls out. It's a bit tattered and I go to throw it away when I see on the back of it, written in red pen, a name and phone number.

Andrea Basile
5555 088 924 (obviously not the actual number)

I simply have no idea who this person is, could Andrea be the one, did she write her number on my card and slip it back into my wallet hoping I'd call? Did I ask her to write it down and then have too much to drink and forget I even met her? Did I get this number here in Perth or was it whilst I was in Italy earlier this year? Is Andrea even a she? Maybe Andrea is a he, maybe even a he/she...who knows!

Google will help me, trusty old google, I mean how common a name could it be? Well it turns out not all that common but no help what so ever.

There's an Andrea Basile on facebook, it's a he, handsome enough dude, not really my type though and we have no friends in common, so that's no help.

There's an Andrea Basile professional wedding photographer, pretty sure not one of the ones I've used in the past hehehe, sadly the ENG version of the page isn't functional and my Italian whilst good was no help there either. I managed to figure out that his/her family are of Argentinian and Iraqi background...a rare mix I'm sure, I'm also sure I'd remember that if it had been brought up in conversation, so nup not that one either.

Liposuction? Haven't had any of that recently, so the director of the Naples Breast and Body Surgery is another Andrea lead that's a dead end.

What about the Andrea Basile didgeridoo player? Well that's gotta be a guy as we all know what happens when a girl plays one of those don't we? Can you say Nicole Kidman?

Finally there's a flickr page with just 4 photos on it, nice pics though, but the profile pic shows a guy, so I'm outa luck here. It's looking like Andrea Basile is a guy and there's no story worthy of international news here whatsoever. The headline was going to read, Aussie guy finds tattered business card with a name and number on it, calls it, she answers and they meet on top of the Empire State Building and fall in............hang on that's a movie isn't it?

Still wondering who Andrea is though, I have no idea.


Irishman said…
So call the freakin' number already!

I've had that happen once or twice, usually girls I've been too drunk to remember. They're always worth a call next time you're heading out for a night! ;)
Stu said…
haha I think the odds are heavily in favour of it being a dude though and besides a lil mystery in ones life is aways fun ;) so why ruin it by finding out it's a work contact or something :)