We travelled down to Etty Bay in Queensland last month to be welcomed by a great little tucked away spot amongst the hills and trees oh and the plastic palms, yep plastic palm trees. Why? What? huh? Exactly, why would a place like far northern Queensland have plastic palm trees? It wasn't confined to Etty Bay, these suckers where popping up everywhere. It seems one of the southern states sent sea containers full of them to FNQ following the cyclone a few years back. They figured it would cheer the locals up.

Etty Bay Palms

Etty Bay Palms 1


The government put them up a few years after they arrived at some considerable cost and immediately the locals went nuts "WTF do we need plastic palm trees for, we have millions of the real thing?"

Etty Bay SLSC

Exactly, so now the government in all of its' wisdom is going to pull them all down at some more considerable cost. Gotta love it.

Meanwhile Etty Bay just sits there peacefully being Etty Bay, a place where the lifeguards don't have to do all that much except read a book.

Lifeguard Etty Bay sml

Etty Bay


lil bro said…
quick save me from that huge surf's pumping today.LOL