Sing it with me
Now somewhere in the black mining hills of Dakota
There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon
And one day his woman ran off with another guy
Hit young Rocky in the eye Rocky didn't like that
He said I'm gonna get that boy
So one day he walked into town
Booked himself a room in the local saloon
and Rocky Raccoon checked into his room
only to find Gideon's Bible

So I've arrived back up in the Pilbara for a few weeks rest and recreation, I mean it's hard work enjoying xmas and the new year, so work is gonna be a welcome respite. Imagine my surprise when I get back to my room at the mining camp to find a brand new plastic wrapped bible wedged between my fly screen and front door.

Huh? I said.

So the powers to be at this camp must have decided that us heathens needed saving, either that or this is managements newest plan for getting the company through the Great Recession of 2009. Everyone pray.


Jokes aside I'm a bit surprised they've done this. I mean this isn't the 1950's, Christians are in the minority in this country aren't they? We have so many other religions in our midst these days not to mention the atheists like me. Can they do this sort of thing? What if I was Jewish, or Muslim, how insulting would this be. Surely they could just put out a memo that there's free bibles at the main desk if you want one and maybe throw in a few korans for good measure.

I'm returning mine tomorrow, it would only be hypocritical of me to keep it.

Call me Rocky Raccoon


Ranx said…
I actually don't mind the Gideon's approach. They don't really thrust themselves upon you, just go out of their way to make it accessible. I'm pretty sure the approach to the company would have come from them, not vice versa. If it was a company initiative, then I suppose it could be construed as insulting to non-Christian employees, but I sort of admire their determination and initiative :-)
Stu said…
Yeah agreed, I'm not against Gideons providing bibles, I'm just thinking that in this day and age maybe we need to rethink the approach, food for thought anyway
Anonymous said…
as Ranx says...just makes it more accesible. and more accesible is good right? and harmless enough...

to make it accessbile to all sides though what we really need is more free copies of Richard Dawkins and Bertrand Russel in every room...

fair's fair and all.

or maybe the mining company should, you know, keep to MINING and leave people alone..

Slick Willie said…
hope ya done't mind an old fart dropping by... nice blog ya got goin here... your pic blog too..
see ya
Stu said…
I permit farts of all ages to visit YeLPar ;)

cheers on the photoblog - I should give it more attention but I never forget her
Anonymous said…
Sorry, Rocky, but, despite what the MSM (mainstream media) would lead you to believe, Christians still make up the vast majority (79.8%) of Americans. (See "Self-Described Religious Identification of U.S. Adult Population: 1990 and 2001," City University of New York,, retrieved on 8 September 2008
Stu said…
good for America, you may find howevere that I'm Australian and thus those statistics are irrelevant
Mr Walker* said…
You should do what the athiests do in the good old USA. Place a warning sticker on the bible stating "This book may be hazardous to your mental health."

Oh' and there is nothing wrong with leaving some Bertrand Russell laying around as stated above.
Stu said…
ahahah mate that's an awesome Idea, I might do just that, I've still got it as I keep forgetting to take it back.