So I couldn't go to the Nick Cave gig last Tuesday night, due to me being 100km's away from the venue at the time. So I asked karks to send me a full review. Sounded like fun :)


so it started a little something like this.....

song 1> a youngin’ scaled the fence and security were running
through the crowd and he made it into the middle of the mosh
pit before being caught by 5 security guards!

song 2> security conglomerate front row of the mosh pit and try
dragging some guy out. nick stops the concert...and yells ‘leave
him alone’. they didn’ he kept yelling ‘fucking leave him alone’
then once it was all over he said ‘since when was it a crime to dance?’
the security guards were consoling each other on the sidelines.

second last song> nick is doing his usual gyrating moves at the front of
the stage and he stops and looks down at someone in the crowd and
says ‘were you touching my cock?’ then ‘jesus, I cant believe I just said that’. with a final comment of ‘I am a fifty fucking one year old!’

very funny. the sound wasn’t great and I thought he played a few too many ‘hits’ but as marco quite rightly pointed out they are all ‘hits’.

So that kinda sucks that I missed all of that, but I'll see him again and again and again......