In case you hadn't noticed today was Australia Day or Invasion Day, depending on your background. I've just sat through one of the worst quiz nights I've ever been to. The theme was Australia, natch, however and interestingly the questions were written by a New Zealander. Which explains a bit. Appalling questions, but a bit of fun at least.

I get to go home tomorrow and it's not a day too soon, this ones been a tough one physically, I guess I'm paying for a lazy summer.

I did see something new this trip though, a native orange, someone noticed the flowers blooming on a tree at the side of the road and one of the Aboriginal lads with us said to stop. There were about 8 oranges hanging on the tree and we think this one was almost ripe, so I might sample it when I get back here in 2 weeks time.

Australian native bush orange


Maja said…
How cool!
Stu said…
I can't wait to taste it, the chef in me still has this urge to find new flavours