Well this little gem just keeps on giving. Between this blog and The Worst Of Perth there has been a huge outpouring of pissedoffness (it's a word) regarding the organisation of this "International Event". This little corner of the internet has gone from around 40 hits a day to almost 400. I seemed to have nailed the local vibe ha!

Frank has kindly passed onto me, via TWOP, the Beerfest Proposal extracted from the Perth City Council minutes of 7 October 2008. It's a pretty large document so I'll just post a few extracts here, if you want it all then go here. Everything that I consider to be a highlight I have presented in bold

At its meeting held on 5 August 2008, the Council approved an application for the ACOS Beer Festival to be held on Langley Park on Saturday, 10 January and Sunday, 11 January 2009 subject to the applicant meeting requirements of the Approval.

The event organisers are now calling the event the Perth International Beer Festival 2009.

The event will be ticketed and promoted to attract families. The organisers have estimated over 50,000 people will attend the event over the two days, with a maximum capacity of 10,000 patrons at any given time.

The event will showcase a selection of national and international beers being on sale in over 40 marquees. Non-alcoholic beverages, water stations and food will also be available.

Entertainment and activities will be provided during the event, including:-
. car and boat displays;
. fashion parades;
. live entertainment;
. live radio station broadcast;
. tourist information stalls;
. children's play area;
. carnival rides;
. side show alley;
. sports arena including competitions of volleyball, mini cricket and mini soccer.

The organisers aim to invite local sporting celebrities to participate in the sport competitions to encourage attendance by families.

Free shuttle buses to and from the city centre, city train stations and bus port will be provided for attendees.

The event organisers estimate that over 50,000 people will attend the Perth International Beer Festival. The event will increase visitation to the city and add vibrancy to the foreshore.

The event may or may not be cultural or arts based

Acos Events Management was established in 2007. The Perth International Beer Festival will be the first event Acos Events Management has organised in Australia.

The director of the company previously organised similar events in Serbia

Now that is some champagne comedy right there aint it? The council was also considering providing funding towards the event for the next 3 years. It might be time to tap our good lady mayoress on the shoulder and have a word to ensure they stick to their decision not to.

I wonder what happened to the shuttle buses, perhaps they where being used to shuttle in more warm cartons of James Boag from the nearest Liqourland outlet.

Does anyone have a contact in Serbia? Perhaps you could call them for a review of their last beer festival and let us know hahaha.



Anonymous said…
oh dear,remind me to not put next years event on my calender. Will just go to the local pub here in Innisfail(not the one you went to)and select half a dozen brands to taste, I'll even display a fashion parade,shorts and sarongs theme.
Chris said…
Hang on, there were apparently buses and the potential for a cultural or arts based event? I didn't see any of that... the only culture I saw was on the beer sodden ground under the feet of the bartenders... And if there were 40 marquees, I will personally eat my hat
Stu said…
hahaha yeah, I'm thinking that because the council turned down the funding they probably didn't get any buses laid on
Ranx said…
Without being overly PC, isn't it a bit incongruous aiming beer festivals at "families"?
Stu said…
oh you're not being overly PC at all, it's been a common complaint on many blogs