Saw this on the news this morning and after a quick flickr search there's some great first hand photos appearing. Flickr is always good for this sort of thing, the one below was taken and posted by a guy called grego and he has kindly allowed others to use it. The original sized pic can be found here - be warned though it's pretty big

What's coolest about this photo is that it was taken just moments after the crash landing and the news services are using ones taken much later.

It made me think back to my own experience with a bird strike


a heap of others from flickr are here and a blog I read called i'm not sayin, i'm just sayin has created a flight path map of the plane.


Stella said…
We could actually see the plane from our office building! A lot of my work colleagues saw the plane crash into the Hudson.

As for me, I was sick and slept through the whole commotion! haha
Stu said…
hahaha no way, historical moment big miss lol