I did one of these 25 things on Facebook the other day, may as well put it here too.

1) I love the smell of coffee and I hate the smell of Tea

2) I hate the taste of coffee and Tea

3) I used to be a Chef, then I became a Taxi driver whilst I learnt to be an Archaeologist. Jobs 1 and 3 turned out to be better than 2.

4) One of my fares in the Taxi became a best friend.

5) I've cooked for Marlon Brando, Lauren Bacall, Bill Clinton, Heath Ledger, Richard Harris, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, John Cleese, Brian Ferry, Rod Stewart, some 80's band called Bros, Joan Collins and Boy George (Yeah I ain't so proud of the last one, it was only sandwiches anyway)

6) As an Archaeologist I am yet to find to find any Temples of Doom, nor any buried alien spaceships, gold or dinosaur fossils, So stop asking.

7) I luuurve chocolate

8) Red wine beats white wine, except when I feel like having a white wine.

9) I've seen the movie but preferred the book on most occasions, why don't people read anymore?

10) I have a list of things to do before I die, I've managed a few but I'm finding it hard to do most of them. Sometimes the opportunity presents itself and I get to wipe one from the list; however sharing a glass of Fanta on top of Mt Everest with the Dali Lama is proving difficult. Come on....imagine the conversation.

11) I once missed out on meeting Bono because it was my turn to leave the line and get food.

12) I used to work with Hugh Jackman, I'm not sure I will remember him if I see him again.

13) Photography is becoming a hobby, so is painting.

14) I'm crap at committing to hobbies

15) I own 14 pairs of Adidas/Nike/Tiger/Converse sneakers, I only ever seem to wear the same 3 pairs though

16) I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, I'm pretty damn proud of that.

17) People who lack common sense really piss me off, I find I have less tolerance for that sort thing the older I get. Hence I need to get to the top of Mt Everest for a chat with that guy.

18) I wish I didn't love eating meat, but I do.

19) I am the most loyal of friends and only truly connect with those who I feel can reciprocate.

20) I have maybe 100 acquaintances but have only 20 (ish) true friends.

21) I fall in love with the wrong girls often, some will never love me but I will always love them, some know who they are <3>


tiff said…
So much you have to elaborate. Like #12. You can watch him on tele tonight :)
Stu said…
hahaha you're right, there's a few blog posts in there :) and yes It's kind of sureal watching Hugh on the big screen or hosting events like the oscars.
lil bro said…
Cooking for Bros isn't a claim to fame mate??
Stu said…
yeah I probably should slot that one in alongside Boy George shouldn't I? hehe
Ranx said…
"some 80's band called Bros"

I guess that answers their question "When will I be famous?" firmly "never".
Stu said…
well they had a moment, love to see what they look like now and what they're doing for a living. I'm guessing brickies labourer :)
Scott said…
I LOVE that so many people are talking about Bros here! I remember thinking I was so damn cool when I bought the 45 for "When Will I Be Famous" back in the day. Then again, being a kid in Detroit that even knew who the hell Bros were probably made me cooler than I realized!