Australia is in pain at the moment. Disasters everywhere, every hour the death toll from the bushfires rises, it's expected to breach 200 very soon. Your heart goes out to those who have suffered loss both human and material.

Witnesses say the fire moved as fast as the terrifying that must have been.


Australia is a big country so it's no surprise that the opposite end of it is suffering an opposite effect. Heavy rains have flooded far north Queensland whilst the south of the country burns. If only that rain was down there.

Mum sent me a few pics of the view from her verandah, I'll compare them with shots I took at xmas last year.

Boxing Day cows

pool guy

If you are so inclined you can donate to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal here.


Anonymous said…
Oh stu, that water was bad but nothing compared to the disaster in victoria. I endorse your suggestion re donations.
Love Mum
Stu said…
Yeah for sure I realise that, Victoria is terrible :(