Where do I start?

I may have just witnessed a concert that will never be bettered. I feel like I've been in church and not minded at all. I have been blown away.

leonard cohen

I said before that I would travel anywhere in the world given the opportunity to see him perform. Suddenly he is delivered to my doorstep.

We had awesome seats, luck of the draw there.

Every song was met with rapturous applause by the audience. An odd mix of a crowd too, plenty of over 50's and even some under 20's and lots in between. I guess Leonard has captured a bunch of new minds with his poetry.

leonard cohen 00

Hilarious watching the 50+ crowd get smashed on their unwooded chardonnays and then stumble around the venue trying to re locate their seats. One tragic woman staggered in front of us and failed at every attempt to balance herself on the steepish amphitheatre floor. It stopped being funny when she crashed into a poor woman walking past and the two of them crashed to the floor like a collapsed rugby scrum. Our next vision was of security escorting the drunken mother out of the venue. Her husband is no doubt still searching for her.

Leonard played almost all of his hits, bantered with the crowd freely and amazed us all with his ability to drop to his knees like he did at age 74. Man I hope I'm that flexible at that age. His smoky crusty voice was incredible and his lyrics amazing. Not a single sole (bar the drunk mothers) walked out of there with a modicum of disappointment, if they did then they have no soul.

Awesomely my camera battery failed to recharge so I was forced to use my phone cam after it crashed so I only have a few good pics and some crappy footage, although the sound is great, which is enough.

Some pics and the rest are here

leonard cohen 16

leonard cohen 02

leonard cohen 10

Pete brought cakes, always great being mates with a pastry chef

petes cakes

A couple of vids

I'm Your Man