Another day of survey up here in the north. It started normally enough, we met at the cars at 6.30am, the flies were waiting for us as usual - we have a gentleman's agreement with them, they don't bother us on the way to breakfast and in return they get to annoy the crap out of us until sundown. An extremely one way kind of agreement but it's all we have.

A mild 42 degrees today, nice cool change right there, with a promise of afternoon showers. It stayed fine all morning and we found this grand old tree on the edge of a creek bed to have lunch under.


The rain has been pretty persistent the past month so the creeks are starting to fill up. I so did not expect to see a tortoise and a fish in one of the creek pools. These creeks only have water in them above ground for about two months of the year, so these lil fellas would have to bury themselves under the ground for the remainder.

tortoise and fish

such a cool dude.

tortoise up close

Finally as promised the rain came down in the afternoon, it caught us out in the middle of the bush. we discovered pretty quickly that Mulga trees give awesome shade and poor shelter.


Good times.


Maja said…
Wow that's pretty awesome!
Stu said…
hahaha I was wondering when you would spot this post :)