# 1 : Lately I've been seeing more and more of this. People parking their cars across two bays so as to lessen the chances of it being scratched or dented. I mean seriously are you for real? I forsee so many instances of this back firing on them when irate people who can't find a park take to these cars with a tyre lever. Luckily for him/her I was able to find a spot, not that I would have done the tyre lever thing...........or would I? hmmmm depends if I'd had breakfast or not ;)


# 2: Spotted this for sale at Fresh Provs this afternoon. Good old Wolfgang Puck, or Voolfie to his pals, the celebrity chef extraordinaire has infiltrated my local store with what appears to be the most expensive chicken stock, sorry broth, in the universe. Sorry Voolfie but only the worst foodie tragics would pay that for that. Everyone else just boil up some chook bones with a few vegies and you'll have the same if not better result.

wolfgang puck


Stella said…
I will admit... I would've keyed that car! It wouldn't have been my first time. Some people just ask for it.

But living in NY means not having to deal with road rage... just pedestrian walk path rage.
Stu said…
Please don't key any New Yorkers ;)
tiff said…
I never thought the reason behind parking like that. I just thought they need more parking lessons, or new glasses!