"How about Da Brunos?"

"Awesome, I'll book a table for 4"


So we were all set to celebrate Karks birthday, Marco, Karks, Gen and me. We tried to surprise Karks with the venue but the gig was up the minute the cab turned left down Beaufort st.

Karks and Marco

What a great restaurant, the food is to die for. I had the best veal and porcini mushroom fettuccine I have ever had in my life. 4 courses and a bottle of champers, 2 bottles of red and one bottle of dessert wine later we stumbled out to try and find the new Jazz club that opened this week.

Food Stain

Self Portrait

"What's it called?"

"Not sure"

"It's at 119 Beaufort st....no wait 191 Beaufort st....no wait..."

"We'll ask the cabbie"

The Ellington Jazz Club

He knew exactly where it was and wow hello Perth, welcome to the rest of the world. Finally a cool jazz club with a great atmosphere, staff that smile at you, are friendly helpful and fun. The music was great, jazz mixed with some scat, blues and R&B. You get to sit at small stage side tables and soak it all up.

Actually I remember taking a photo of the building it's in, boarded up, a few years ago. I wondered back then what it would be turned into.

Jazz set

Drinks were pretty easy to get, plenty of bar staff. They do need to get some post mix happening behind the bar though, bottles of soda don't cut it, they go flat too quickly, thus all of our vodkas over 2 rounds were flat and had to be sent back. Luckily we like beer as well hehehe. Small gripe, everything else was perfect. Unlike my head this morning and my rabid facebook posting at 4.30am, so have to set up a system that does not allow me anywhere near the internet when I'm drunk. Sorry gang. Hahahaha