Waiting in my inbox this morning was a question from a girl who wasn't on my friend list

Carolyn: Stu from Perth WA?

Me: erm yes, sorry I can't place you though???

C: Did you go to Wilson Primary School and Bentley High.

M: haha yes I went to Wilson primary but not Bentley high, we moved after grade 7. So we went to primary school together yeah? wow you have a good memory lol. Is this your maiden name or married?

C: We were friends from grade 1. I stole a marble out of your desk in grade 4.. hahahahah felt guilty all this time

M: Oh so that's where that marble went, Oh man I really don't remember much from primary school, I have a class photo somewhere I'll dig it up and send you a link to it later, then you can point out who is you :)

C: hahahaha bloody hell that will be a very attractive photo of me...lmao thanks...Well I am feeling very unimportant at the moment knowing that you don't remember me. Do the names Graeme xxxx, Brett xxx, Michael xxxxx sound familiar?

M: haha sorry and to make it worse for you I do remember those guys, esp Michael, we were best buddies. I blame being under 12 at the time and girls not being as important to me as they are now lol

C: hahahahahaha great!Seven years of my life I shared with you and I am not even a distant memory.... I bet good ol Michael will remember me! maybe.... i hope...

I still have no idea who she is. Her powers of recollection are almost superhero like. "Memory Woman to the rescue."