A cool package waiting for me when I returned home this week, my order of MOO cards had arrived. I've ordered these before but back then I didn't have enough worthy photos on my flickr pages so I got 4 copies of 25 pics. Different story this time, I selected 100 from the 2963 pics I now have.

They are so cool, I had Stu says.... printed on the back of each one and now that can be used for everything. Stu says.... Happy Birthday, Stu says.... lets do dinner, Stu says.... get your car off of my lawn, the options are endless.

If you have a flickr account you can order them through your flickr page.

moo cards


Anonymous said…
I've been meaning to Moo for years but never get around to it. Maybe I'll treat myself to some for my upcoming birthday.

BTW, love your blog -- stumbled upon it just now via someone else's comment on the Beaufort St Blogs, and then via their blog. Anyway, it's good, I like it.

But, Howling Bells? Is it just me that finds Juanita so painfully arrogant that it hurts to listen to them? I really try to like them but every time she's interviewed on JJJ I feel like filling my ears with concrete so I can't hear her speak.

Dramatic, no? ;)
Stu said…

Do the Moo, they're great :)

Thanks for the rave, It's always cool to see how peeps find my blog. Always good to find another Perth blogger too, rare I feel, well rare that I would enjoy reading

Hmmm Howling Bells, yeah I kinda avoid letting personalities interfere with music, but I hear ya sometimes you just have to. Luckily I stopped listening to JJJ a while ago so I just have their music to go by and not their "issues" :)
Waz said…
They look great Stu! what is it with long landscape format that brings out different moods in photos?
Stu said…
I know, cropping photos in different ways can really alter the feel. Love it
Anonymous said…
I don't make a habit of letting personalities interfere with music either - I'm assuming most musicians have a bit of an off personality (oh, stereotyping!). But I dunno. Juanita Howling Bell just got to me. They had the album as the feature album, so hearing her prattle on every time I got in the car tarnished my view of the band.

It's silly, I know. I quite liked Waikiki for the 5 minutes they were around, and I think I like HB. I need to stop being so petty and judgmental... :P
Mitch said…
Hey Stu - I'm a bit behind the times! What's a 'moo' card??
Stu said…
Mitch they're the cards in the pic above, small versions of my photos. If you click the pic you'll go to my Flickr page, if you have a flickr page you can design your own set of Moo cards from there.

They are just small cute cards that you can use for writing notes to people, use for birthdays, love notes whatever you want really.

Basically just a bit of fun